Boost your MATE?

Extend your bike's range by up to 50%

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Mate S

MATE S offers all the amazing features and comfort of the MATE City and City+ such as full suspension, disc brakes, all-terrain tires and anatomical saddle, but with the exclusive addition of thumb throttle and higher top speed of 32 km/h / 20 mph (compared to 25 km/h / 15 mph of MATE City and City+). MATE S can be upgraded with booster battery, increasing your maximum range to 120 km / 75 mi on a single charge (compared to the standard 80 km / 55 mi).


MATE S features 6 pedal-assist levels so you are perfectly prepared for every riding situation. Your pedal assist level is clearly shown on an easy-to-read LCD backlit bike display that’s both water- and dustproof. The display also shows battery life, time and distance travelled so you can monitor your ride from beginning to end. The built-in USB charger lets you charge your smartphone and other devices on the go. Dead phones are literally a thing of the past, when cruising around on your best MATE!

Battery Powered + booster

MATE S is equipped with a 350w high performance electric motor that’s partnered with a 36V 13 Ah battery. This magical combo delivers up to 80+ km / 55+ mi range (120+ km / 75+ mi range with optional booster upgrade) on a single charge. (Range can vary based on pedal-assist used, weather/terrain conditions and rider’s total weight). Your out-and-back rides to the beach are now easily within reach! NOTE: MATE S is legal to ride without license and registration in USA only. For all other lands, please refer to your local rules and regulations.

Data sheet

350 W
Pedal Assist
Thumb throttle
Max. Speed
32Km/h / 20Mph
Legal in EU
NO w/o licence
Legal in US
YES w/o licence
36V 13 AmpH
Battery Range
80 km / 55 mi
Speed charger
Weight w/o battery
20.2 Kg / 44.5 lbs
Weight w/ battery
23.7 Kg / 52.2 lbs

Electric & Smart

MATE is powered by a silent, powerful, highly efficient motor. Travel up to 120 km / 75 mi on a single charge with a top speed of 32 km/h / 20 mph. MATE is also smart! It lets you charge your phone through its USB port. With the official MATE app*, you can track your bike as well. This way you can easily find it again, even after having forgotten where you parked it. Never happened to us, we swear.

*GPS tracking and app integration as part of MATE with Module - coming soon.


We at MATE believe technology should be used for making lives easier. That's why we incorporated much technology into our MATE. Its full suspension allows you to comfortably take it on the rough cobbled roads or hop that curb when a car suddenly comes by a bit too close. Equipped with disc brakes, you have reliable stopping power in all weather conditions. MATE is fully adjustable to match your body type and riding style. It can also be simply folded and tucked away, allowing you to easily store it in your apartment or take it with you on your next cross country adventure.


MATE was created to attain one goal - get more people on bikes. We found that if we make a bike that serves every practical purpose and looks really cool, more people will go for it. Our MATE is not only eye catching with its simplistic, architectural design but is also available in four colors for a bit of personalization. Which one will you choose?

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