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MATE X : The coolest and most affordable folding eBike on the planet! Available exclusively on Indiegogo.

MATE X is the world’s coolest, foldable electric bike. It is envisioned and designed with nothing but pedal-love in the cycling capital of the world, Copenhagen Denmark.

Since 2016, we've delivered Mate Bikes to more than 7000 backers around the world. Building on that success, we've invested all our time, effort, blood and buckets of sweat into this beauty of an eBike that’s made perfect for any rider, any journey, in any given situation.



250: 250W
250+: 250W
750: 750W

Speed limited to

250: 25 kh/h / 15.5 mph
250+: 25 kh/h / 15.5 mph
750: 32 kh/h / 20 mph

Battery output

250: 250W
250+: 250W
750: 750W

Battery range, up to

250: 55 km / 35 mi
250+: 80 km / 55 mi
750: 80 km / 55 mi

Good things last.
Great things get even better.

MATE X, the newest member of the MATE family, will definitely turn heads. It’s bigger, more powerful and certainly makes an impression. It’s got it all - the affordability, the image, the attitude. It’s also built to let you push your limits: Go ahead and venture off the beaten path. It’s your ride to ultimate freedom.

Ride in style. Ride with pride.

MATE X is much more than an upgrade. It’s a completely new bike. A bigger, and longer frame that is fitted with wide-rim fat tires. Its color scheme is fittingly more bold and extreme.

Flying the MATE X colors.

New colors are Subdued Black (Matte), White Ice, Burnt Orange, Desert Storm (Matte) plus a FOUNDERS EDITION special "Unicorn" coating.

For the MATE X, we've wiped the board and made an entirely new color scheme that fits the obvious, physical boldness of the bike's design. We want the coat to be an extension of what the MATE X expresses and embodies: More freedom, more attitude, less beaten paths.

Get in. Grind 'n go!

The new MATE X boasts a much more powerful motor of up to 750W combined with an impressive 48V battery and controller across all models. The two combined returns significantly increased torque – and a big WOW! when you feel it.

We’ve geared up by introducing a Shimano 8-speed cassette with improved easy-gear shifting. The new computer display is equipped with a backlit LED as standard. We also offer the option to upgrade to a SMART beautiful display in color (pictured) for only 99 USD (149 USD value).

The foldable pedals are an entirely new design packaged in a more sturdy pedal frame for improved power-transfer.

We’ve also upgraded to Tektro braking system, including levers and calipers, for quicker, more efficient stopping power. We’re currently offering hydraulic braking systems for $129 USD upgrade for smoother braking that requires less braking force.

Computer display

  • Easy-to-read display with backlit LCD
  • 6 speeds from 0 (no assist) to 5 (full assist)
  • On-the-go power-assist level adjustment
  • Displays all data needed incl. speed, distance, battery life
  • Configurable for personalized settings
  • Water-and dust-proof  
  • Built-in USB charger

SMART color display – upgrade option

  • Full color LCD display for easier viewing
  • Monitored battery usage shown in %
  • Includes all functions of the original display
  • Access to advanced settings
  • Up to 9 speed settings
  • Upgrade is 99 USD extra (149 USD value)

Clean cockpit

  • Minimal design for a clean look
  • Grip shifting for quick, seamless gear changes
  • Ergonomic handlebar grips for long distance comfort
  • Brake levers at a fingertip’s reach
  • Computer display squarely in center of handlebar

Puncture-resistant, fat tires

  • 4.0" fat tires (20" wheels) with wider rims for ultimate comfort
  • Improved control and handling of the bike
  • Minimized risk of puncture with enhanced safety on the road
  • At check-out: Choose freely between Street/sand OR All-terrain tires

1-click foldable pedals

  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Fold nicely against crank arms to save space
  • Solid platform - all leg power transferred into ground speed

Full suspension

  • Front and rear suspension for smooth riding
  • Extra comfort for the lower back
  • Built to handle offroad adventures
  • Front suspension: Adjustable preload to match weight and riding style
  • Front suspension: Mechanical lock-out for riding on smooth roads

Disc brakes

  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Expert modulation for full control  
  • Strong braking power requiring a single finger to engage  

Hydraulic disc brakes – upgrade option 

  • Smoother, more reliable braking
  • Less pulling force on lever required – a fingertip will do!
  • Upgrade is 129 USD extra (199 USD value)

Expert shifting

  • Drivetrain optimized for smooth, reliable shifting
  • 8-speed drivetrain with SHIMANO cassette and derailleur
  • Ideal gear steps for seamless transitions between shifts
  • Single-handed gear operation to simplify your ride

Easy adjustment

  • Saddle, handlebar heights adjusted with simple lever flip
  • Easy handlebar rotation for ideal ergonomic position

Plug and play wiring system

  • A unique MATE innovation
  • Allows for simple, easy servicing of your bike anywhere in the world
  • Makes maintaining/replacing/repairing all electrical parts a breeze
  • Easily connect lights and other accessories (to come in our webshop)
  • Developed thanks to funding from our first MATE campaign

Powerful 48V battery

  • Extremely powerful 48V lithium-ion battery
  • Strong climbing and acceleration capabilities
  • Built-in handle and fuse - easily removable from frame
  • 48V 14 Ah model (672Wh) offers assisted travel of up to 40-60 miles*
  • 48V 14 Ah model (672Wh) offers up to 30 miles with full electrical assistance*

* Range estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, riding style, wind speed and terrain.


  • 100% forged 6061 aluminum alloy frame  
  • 6 pounds (2.7kg) (total bike weight ≈ 50 pounds (26 kg))

Available in 5 bold colors: Subdued Black (Matte), White Ice, Burnt Orange, Desert Storm (Matte) plus a FOUNDERS EDITION special "Unicorn" coating.

What is the difference between our
All-Terrain (Big Daddy) and our Street/Sand (Sandstorm) tires?

Big Daddy. All-Terrain tires

  • Ideal offroad tires
  • Provide extra traction for offroad riding
  • Excel on muddy, technical terrain
  • Expert climbing/descending on loose terrain

Sandstorm. Street and sand tires

  • Ideal tires for pavement and sand use
  • Can be used on dry, non-technical, flat trails
  • Near silent when riding on roads
  • Dual compound for for long lifespan, extra road grip

It will fold. But not under pressure.

As always, the MATE X is foldable in 3 easy steps to reduce its volume. It folds down to a very compact 103 cm high, 78 cm long, 59 cm wide. (Unfolded: 124 cm high, 180 cm long, 65 cm wide) This means you can bring it along anywhere you want to turn everywhere you go into an adventure!


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