MATE production status and delivery information

MATE status of production & delivery


In Taiwan, we are currently producing over 200 bikes a day, with containers  filling continuously throughout the week. It’s beautiful! We will soon share with you some great videos that show MATE production in more detail!


Update info: July 8th 2019

Deliveries from Taiwan

We already have 3 containers headed for the US and 6 containers for the EU on the sea! That’s 1,500 MATEs!

The next shipment that is almost complete is another 3 containers to the US and 4 to EU. Immediately after that, we are onto 1 container to the US and 5 to EU - which will also include our first MATE X 250 models to ship from Taiwan.

We already test rode the Taiwan produced 250w model on our visit and can guarantee that it is one incredible ride you can look forward to!

Deliveries from China

NORWAY shipment is on it’s way and container details have been shared directly with backers.

CANADA is being loaded over the coming days.

APAC is shipping continuously, one by one, directly to backers. We have already shipped out more than half of these bikes.

Over the following couple of weeks, it’s AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND followed by SWITZERLAND, MEXICO and JAPAN. We will keep you all posted as we go along and your bikes are loaded. All bikes are scheduled to be loaded before end of July.

We know we are behind schedule on this batch but the wait will not be too much longer. Hang tight, they will soon be on the sea.

Why are the Indiegogo deliveries delayed?

The main reason for the delay, is recently introduced anti-dumping laws, necessitating a change from production in China to Taiwan. We've thus had to move thousands of parts to a new location, as well as recommence the entire production set-up, training etc.

Indiegogo orders - delivery information

Now that we are fully into production mode, we can more easily see how we can enhance our processes to be more efficient and effective. What you need to know is that most bikes will be shipped out in the coming 5 weeks. As we have reshuffled a bit, please don’t pay too much attention to BATCHES B,C,D,E,F any more.

We have managed to move up some D backers so you could be amongst the lucky ones. Either way bikes are rolling off the production line quickly! We are on track for loading 90% of all MATE by 1st week of August with any balances being loaded before the month end.
For those still waiting for bikes, we kindly request that you wait for your email with container tracking number. We are working as fast as we can!!!

Backers around the world who have received their MATEs LOVE them!! It’s not much more of a wait!!!

Webshop orders - delivery information

MATE X: We are delivering all webshop MATE X orders September 15-30th - depending on your country. We expect some countries to be delivered even earlier in September.

MATE Classic: We have just a small amount of MATE Classic in stock, that can be delivered to you really quickly - within 2 weeks.

Happy backers from around the world, that received their MATE X.

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